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TREATY 8 REVISITED: Selected Papers on the 1999 Centennial Conference


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From 1999 to approximately 2009, a small editorial collective at Grande Prairie Regional College in Northern Alberta published a scholarly journal entitled Lobstick: An Interdisciplinary Journal.  This publication has been discontinued as has its previous website.

This website republishes some of the more significant work of the Journal.  We start with the Premier Issue which published much of the proceedings of the Treaty 8 Centennial Conference in 1999.  That conference was unique in that it drew from broad scholarship from many diverging perspectives on a single topic: the importance of Treaty 8.  Scholars including Olive Patricia Dickason, Brian Calliou, Cora Voyager, and Tom Flanagan and many others are represented in this volume.  These papers are published here as they appeared in the original publication and on the original website.

As a founding member of the editorial collective and as Managing Editor for a number of years, I hope you enjoy the scholarship on Treaty 8 and understand it in the spirit of reconciliation.

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Scott McAlpine

Managing Editor of Lobstick: Treaty 8 Revisited

(Scott McAlpine is an independent researcher, academic, and consultant in Vancouver, Canada. See some of his his other work at http://www.scottmcalpine.net  and his consultancy at http://www.integratedanalytics.ca where he posts periodic blogs on various topics.)